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About Diplex Group Wallet

Diplex Group provides development and promotion of various IT products for everyday use. Our projects are based on DiplexCoin cryptocurrency

Examples of our DiplexCoin based products:



Companies integrated

300 000


200 000 000

Сoins produced

1% per day


+5 projects

Per month

Receive high quality services with DiplexGroup.

Earn money by supporting our blockchain network. Store DLX in dedicated wallet and receive income: you can “mint” (PoS) obtained coins, providing increasing of stored DLX quantity for up to 0,8% per day according to assigned algorithm!

What is Proof-of-Stake (PoS)?

PoS is one of the mining types which uses algorithm of coins distribution in the Web. During mining process (people chasing) you receive income as additional coins. Proof-of-Stake idea is in solving proof-of-work problem which is related to huge energy consumption and financial investments.

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Benefits of DLX ownership.

Safety and control

Your funds are protected with DIPLEX cryptocurrency on blockchain.

Works everytime, everywhere

DLX works all the time, even on holidays! 24/7 supporting.

International payments

1000 transactions per second, no fees, unlimited transactions.


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